We’re Back & Meet John VanSkellington too!

Crystaldelights.com So, it’s been well over a year since we last posted anything on this News Blog. You might wonder why? Lots of reasons, but the primary reason is simply Crystal Delights has had a challenging 2018 and the struggle has continued into 2019. When we started Crystal Delights we never anticipated being recognized as one of the best makers of buttplugs in the world, butt here we are!


It’s not unusual for any business to have changes that cause it to have to pull back and rethink its strategy, especially one that has survived almost ten years in a highly competitive industry such as ours. We don’t want to appear to be making excuses for what seems like our failures to us, and rather want to focus on the changes we are implementing finishing this year and moving into 2020, our 10-year anniversary as one of the premiere indie, boutique pleasure product manufacturer of buttplugs.

There are so many things we are doing to enter into 2020 as a stronger business with a renewed vision that this message would become, we think, too long and perhaps boring. So, we will keep it short and to the point, and ask you to keep an eye on the news we will be sharing as we execute our new plan for the next 10 years.

Right now, we have just this week implemented an upgrade to our web site, improving the technology and speed of our site and our SEO too. The site doesn’t really look any different and over time you may see some design changes, what we focused on was improving how the site worked and how we show up in searches. Please, if you find anything that doesn’t work on the new site, or something you don’t like, let us know. We promise to make your input worth your time by sending you a “thank you discount coupon” for your time and caring to let us know.

We are also launching today a new Halloween contest, introducing and giving away one of our new John VanSkellington buttplugs in celebration of All Hallows Eve. This special spirited limited-edition Halloween glass buttplug is a collaboration between us and the well-known (and very talented) John Joseph Vanlandingham. His marble features a ghoulish face beautifully highlighted and crafted as only John can do, attached to the base of one of our hand-crafted buttplugs.

If you want to sign up for the contest for a chance to win this awesome creation click this link for the details, enter your email address and click the button to enter. No Purchase Needed!

In closing we ask you to watch this space as we bring a whole new line of buttplugs and dildos to the marketplace and will be introducing our new “Naked Series.” We also want to thank all our customers over the years for your support and input. We wouldn’t still be here if not for all you!

Thank you!
Shellie & Andrew

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