All About our Butt Plugs, Princess Plugs, Glass Dildos & More!

Crystal Delights started with the belief that everyone deserves to experience pleasure on their own terms, with high quality, body safe, and artistically beautiful toys for all genders. In the dozen years since, our product line has expanded to offer more styles, colors, and price points than ever before. This evolution has led us to create two curated product lines for our customers - our Crystal Delights Classic Collection, and our Crystal Delights Artisan Collection.

Our Artisan Collection products are designed by us, and the glass is crafted by our partnered glassmakers just for us; there is simply nothing comparable. We work with our glass artisans to develop new designs, and then we test them rigorously. They offer beautiful additions to your toy collection; you might even decide to display them along with your other pieces of artwork in your home (we certainly do).
Our Classic Collection products are made to our exacting specifications by our ethically-sourced manufacturing partners in other countries; this allows us to bring you our exceptional Crystal Delights quality at an affordable price. Make no mistake - these are not mass-produced products that saturate the market; these are designed by Crystal Delights and made individually, so you can trust that our Classic Collection products will give you the same exceptional quality and beauty as our Artisan Collection.

All Crystal Delights pleasure products are made out of annealed (hardened) Borosilicate glass. Our makers carefully hand-craft each Crystal Delights toy to our exacting standards, and as such, each is an individual work of art - no two are exactly the same!

Our design team creates and rigorously tests each new Crystal Delights creation, to ensure that every toy is body-friendly, pleasurable, and visually attractive. Once a design has been settled on, our makers use the highest quality glass to shape each piece, and carefully control the cooling process to ensure that it’s just as strong as it is beautiful!

Some of our glass pleasure products are then adorned with a sparkling crystal attached to its base; others pieces get natural stone accents or bejeweled medallions. Still more are outfitted with our ever-popular collection of faux bunny tails, faux fur tails, and brilliantly colored pony tails. We also leave some of our products unadorned, to allow the natural beauty of the glass to shine through.

Our team then hand-inspects each piece, and certifies it as an authentic Crystal Delights product before sending it to our customers. Once it arrives, we’re here to answer any questions that our customers might have about how to care for your new pleasure product.

We are fully committed to equitable compensation for our glass creators; whether located in the US or overseas, we pay a living wage and negotiate fairly with the makers to ensure ethical compensation. We are also committed to using renewable and recyclable materials wherever possible, including our packaging & shipping practices.

Crystal Delights has a special place in the adult industry in the United States and abroad! Our company and products have been honored with several nominations and two industry awards, and currently has two erotic art pieces on permanent display at the Kinsey Institute Gallery at Indiana University, Bloomington.

Every Crystal Delights creation is an adult art sculpture with a special purpose in mind – which is why we say “Art is Pleasure!”