Crystal Delights in the Media

We are heartened by the ever increasing popularity and visibility of sex positivity in the media, including a big increase in exposure from mainstream outlets about safe sex, consent, kink, and inclusivity of those all across the vast and diverse spectrum of gender and sexuality. We’re lucky to be living in a time when our society and culture is making so much progress in this vital aspect of humanity.

Crystal Delights has also been lucky enough to be included in some of that media exposure. Sometimes it’s silly, sometimes it’s positive recognition, but either way, it’s great to be part of the mainstream media’s increasing acceptance and positive representation of sexuality.

Here are just a handful of times we’ve been featured in the media:



Last year we were honored to be included in BuzzFeed’s list of “17 Gorgeous Sex Toys You Won’t Want to Hide In A Drawer.” Our gold Crystal Twist made the list, along with some other really unique pieces from around the web.


stylecaster logo


We were recently part of the fashion, beauty, and entertainment site StyleCaster’s list of “35 Weird Sex Toys You Have to See to Believe.” They featured our Pony Tail Plug, and also made mention of our body-safe glass.


The Huffington Post

Huffington Post covered the release of our then new product, the Pony Tail Plug, back in 2014. That article was shared close to 2,000 times!




We get it, not everyone’s on board with the Pony Tail Plug, but we still appreciate the recognition (and the humor) in Jezebel’s 2013 article, “Do Not Want of the Day: Colorful Pony Plugs for Sexing Bronies.”




We so appreciate PopSugar’s sex positive list, “These 16 Butt Plugs Prove That Anal Play Can Be Pleasurable AND Pretty,” in which our red Crystal Kiss was included. We feel honored!



Screener was one of the sites that picked up the story of an amusing mix-up on the Celebrity Apprentice back in 2012 when singer Debbie Gibson accidentally plugged Crystal Delights in an original song her team recorded for Crystal Light. Oops! Hard to imagine that Donald Trump the "Reality-TV Star" could possibly become our 45th President when you look back to 2012. I'm sure most of us would have laughed back then. Not a laughing matter anymore!




We were featured twice on the popular site Refinery29 in two listicles. Our Pony Tail Plug was featured in “These Sex Toys Will Make for Unforgettable Gifts” and the Crystal Minx Fur Tail was one of their “30 Of The Most Expensive Sex Toys – Ever.”



Three years ago, Uproxx was one of the sites that introduced the internet to our Pony Tail Plugs with their humorous take on them.