Rest In Pieces – the Sequel!!!

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It’s Halloween time and we all know that means time for scary, spooky things. Here at Crystal Delights, we also know the world is too full of scary things right now, so we thought maybe a little fun while keeping with the spirit of Halloween couldn’t be a bad thing. Must be time for a Halloween Contest!

Over 10 years ago, we held what to our surprise, was a very popular and unusual contest, we called “Rest in Pieces.” The idea was simply to express our distaste for unhealthy, unsafe sex toys and provide a little education about quality sex toys too. We especially wanted people to know about those ubiquitous terrible jelly toys.

We asked anyone interested to destroy their jelly toys, take pictures of the destroyed toy and to send us the picture. In exchange we sent a coupon for 25% off their next purchase. We received more pictures than we expected and we still have them, so we’ve recreated the first “Rest in Pieces” Gallery for your browsing pleasure. Below are links to the best of the original 2012 contest and the 2022 Sequel too.

Rest in Pieces 2012 Gallery Link

Rest in Pieces 2022 Gallery Link (where the new entries will be posted)

We had so much fun with this project that we decided it was worthy of a sequel. Why not have another opportunity to share with us your need to “destroy all jelly toys” or any unhealthy, unsafe, unusable, or simply unpleasurable toy you are so inclined to chop up, break in half, risk a blender on, or whatever your imagination might muster. Of course, we ask you to please be safe to yourself and others in the pursuit of your destructive deed.

Simply destroy the sex toy of your choice, take a picture, send us the picture ( and we will add your “rest in pieces” work of art to our RIP 2022 Sequel gallery. We will also send you a 25% coupon code again, and you will be entered in our Halloween Contest too. One photo entry will be picked by us, as the “Best Rest In Pieces” picture and that person will win a Pop-Up Pumpkin n Spice Glow Sparkle Plug and Dildo set.

Pumpkin n Spice Glow Sparkle Plug and Dildo set are a limited special Halloween edition of our popular “Glow” Sparkle toys. All sparkly in the light, and mysteriously glowing in the dark, this Pop-Up product will only be available while inventory lasts.

Rest in Pieces the Sequel banner

Now for the rules:
You can submit multiple entries, but only one coupon can be used per order. 
You give us permission by sending us your images to use your images to market and promote this contest.
 Please dispose of your destroyed toys safely.

Click the link to learn about our new RIP Halloween Contest. Enter your email address to play, and you might win one of our Limited Edition Sparkle GLOW Halloween dildo and plug sets.

Send us your destroyed dangerous toy images too and receive a 25% Discount Coupon good for your next purchase on our website as well as you get another chance at winning the contest. But you can only win once.

Link to original 2010 article about dangerous jelly toys by Dangerous Lilly

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