Moving Forward

In the wake of the recent presidential election, we have all been thinking a lot about what we do moving forward. Many of us have concerns about the direction of our country and what it means for marginalized groups who may not feel like they have a seat at the table. It’s important for us not to lose sight of all the positive things we can do to make a difference. One of the greatest things about being an American is our ability to come together, support each other, and affect change. We encourage you to get involved in any way you can to support the things you believe in.

At Crystal Delights, for example, we have always believed in sex positivity and equal rights for the LGBTQ community. We are longtime supporters of sex positive and LGBTQ charities, as well as sex education efforts, and we will be even more impassioned allies than ever from this point forward. Below are just a few of the great causes that we encourage you to support at this time:


sagebanner4SAGE – Services and Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Elders



trevorprojectThe Trevor Project – Provides Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention for LGBTQ Youth





CSPHcsph – Provides Queer-Inclusive, Consent-Based, Pleasure-Based, Socially Conscious Sex Education



True Colors Fundtruecolors – Works to End Homelessness Among LGBTQ Youth



Planned Parenthoodplanned-parenthood – Provides Affordable, Quality Reproductive Health Care and Sex Education





If you will not stand for our country going backward, then now is the time to actively make sure we keep moving forward. Do what you can; donate, volunteer, call or write to your local representatives, and if you see hate or intolerance on display: speak up, take action. Now is the time to unite in defense of the things that make our country beautiful: diversity, freedom, kindness, compassion and above all, love.

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