Our Product Features & Benefits

All Crystal Delight glass products are made from the highest quality body safe annealed (hardened) Borosilicate glass. This provides a friction-free, perfectly smooth, non-porous material that is safe for solo or partnered use. Glass is a natural, eco-friendly material, and is also free from phthalates, toxins, or chemicals that are sometimes found in lower-quality adult toys - so it won’t cause irritation or sensitivities!

Glass is compatible with all types of lubricant, and is easy to clean using soap and water (or a toy cleaner). Glass toys that do not contain additional adornment (such as crystals or tails) may also be sanitized in boiling water or by cleaning in the dishwasher.

Our toys are beautiful enough to display in your boudoir, but when you wish to store them, we have handmade padded brocade storage bags to keep them clean and protect them against accidental scratches or breakage. These storage bags are available for separate purchase.

Crystal Delights toys are built for pleasure, too! Our anal toys are all tapered at the tip, for ease of insertion. In fact, many of our plugs are available in any combination of stem length (short and long) and bulb sizes (small, medium, and large) to custom fit every person’s body.

All toys that are designed for anal use have a wide flange (or base) for safety purposes; this also helps with ease of insertion & removal, and allows for more comfortable wear. Our Pacik Dilators also have a flanged lip to make them easier to insert, wear, and remove.

Glass is a truly unique toy material; it retains temperature well, making it an exciting option for people who enjoy temperature play. It’s also firm enough to provide extra “oomph” for G-spot or prostate massage, and because it’s friction free, many people find that it allows them to enjoy comfortably wearing - and playing - with their Crystal Delights pleasure products for longer sessions.

Our toys are all handmade, so tiny variations in measurements may occur. We assemble all of our products by hand; this allows us to custom build our toys to order and to quality inspect each Crystal Delights toy before it reaches you. We even certify each piece as an Authentic Crystal Delights pleasure product, so that you can feel confident that you’re getting our personal stamp of approval on your new purchase.