Follow up on the 49th ASSECT Conference

The Pacik Dilator Display

Last month we attended the 49th annual ASSECT conference in Henderson, Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas, and wanted to share the great experience we had.

ASSECT is the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists and we were there to present our dilators to a larger group of professional people than have seen them before. It was a new event for us, and a really special and interesting experience!

Some of our neighbors



We met and talked with many of the attendees about both the dilators and our Crystal Delights pleasure products. We took lots of feedback on things that can improve our current dilator design and we are even looking at adding a couple of additional sizes and lengths to meet a new need we had discussions about. Our show “prize” giveaway of 5 sets of dilators, was taken home by Axiom Associates of Knoxville TN and we were very pleased to get them in their hands and the hands of their patients!
(In the Photo: Trisha Stone of and Dorrie Lane’s  Wondrous Vulva Puppet from Vulvalutionary)



Antique Dilators we found on the internet… might be almost 100 years old? We had designed the Pacik dilator without ever knowing about these… really!

There were many stories that just furthered our drive to help meet a need in this market that hasn’t been addressed before now. A couple of retired doctors asked us “why glass?” a little surprised because they remembered when they used to be glass! Hmmm well… I guess there is a reason that we believe that glass is best, all things old are new again!

“This conference was such a great event for us, we can’t wait for a return visit!”

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