Red Magma Crystal Mini-Twist Glass Butt Plug

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This mini-twist butt plug comes with a luscious, lava Red Magma crystal in the base and is available in 2 sizes: Long or Short Stem

Let’s twist again; twisting time is here! Perhaps you have tried your hand (and your behind!) at the more traditional bulb plugs, and are now looking for something a little different, maybe even a little twisted? You are in luck, as the Crystal Mini-Twist Plug is designed just for you and your sexual stimulation. More than just a beautifully hand-crafted glass princess plug, the Mini-Twist provides a whole new world of stimulation for you backdoor, giving you anal adventures of which you have not yet imagined.

This carefully crafted corkscrew style design will slip easily into your body, giving you more and more stimulation as you turn it this way or that way. A smooth, slim neck and perfectly flared base ensure that this glass butt plug is 100% safe for anal use, and the body friendly glass goes perfectly with either silicone based, or water based sexual lubricants. Capped with your choice of Swarovski crystal element on the base, you are blinging your thing in a whole new way and giving your pleasure a little bit of a twist!

SPECIFICATIONS (are approximate and never exactly the same because we handcraft each one)

Crystal Mini-Twist Plug

Short Stem

Long Stem

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Distinctive glass Princess plug featuring a twisted, like a small cork-screw bulb with a LIMITED-EDITION Red Magma Swarovski element in its base

- Limited Supply Available for this glass butt plug/ Order while you can!

- This butt plug is available in both short and long stem lengths

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