Pacik Dilator - Size 7 Extra Large
Pacik Dilator - Size 7 Extra Large

Pacik Dilator - Size 7 Extra Large

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Crystal Delights is excited to announce the launch of the new "Pacik Dilator" website.

We've created this site for anyone wanting more information on the Pacik Dilator, as well as we understand the Crystal Delights site might not be for everyone. We care deeply and passionately about helping promote the use of the Pacik Dilator and Dr. Pacik's work helping women with Vaginismus.

Our hollow glass dilators are specially designed to be worn comfortably for longer periods of time during treatment of various kinds of sexual dysfunction or during the process of sexual reassignment. Our well-researched design features a shorter dilator with a folded “lip” rim that fits comfortably against the body; this allows dilation to be a comfortable process that can be done anytime, anywhere. These dilators are handmade in the United States from high quality extra heavy walled Borosilicate glass tubing. Only the 3-Set includes our Made-By-Crystal Delights padded brocade pouch.

Crystal Delights has teamed up with recognized plastic surgeon, Dr. Peter Pacik to create a set of dilators with a revolutionary design. With the help of Dr. Pacik, we carefully designed these dilators to be safer, more effective, and more comfortable than any others before them.

Dr. Pacik began treating a condition called Vaginismus in 2005. Vaginismus is a disorder affecting millions of women in which any form of vaginal penetration is extremely uncomfortable and painful. When Dr. Pacik began treating the condition, he found that, like most things regarding women's sexual health, it was largely ignored, and there were very few treatment options available. He has since become a champion for women with Vaginismus, and has also become a pioneer in the treatment of the condition. With our dilators, Dr. Pacik's treatment has become one of the most successful options for treating Vaginismus. Please check out the full story on our collaboration and this groundbreaking treatment here.

Not only are these dilators one of the most successful tools out there to treat Vaginismus, but they can also be used during sexual reassignment, for anal stretching, and even for sex play. These versatile devices have changed lives, and we are very excited to make them available to everyone.

You can learn more about Vaginismus by going here and find more information on Dr. Pacik's treatment here.


  • Single Dilators do not come with a storage bag. If you would like one of our Made-by-Crystal Delights storage bags follow this link to our Crystal Delights Small Storage Bag!


Size 7 Extra Large Pacik Dilator

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