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LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE while supplies last - There can be many, many reasons why we created something and then we decide not to offer it for sale. We think each glass piece we create is still an amazing work of art, so we decided YOU, our customers, should benefit from our process by offering a special Crystal Delights MYSTERY BOX!

For one low price you get one of our beautiful glass toys, but you won’t know what you get until you receive and open the box. SURPRISE! We promise you will still receive a gorgeous made-by Crystal Delights glass erotic art pleasure product. It might be one of our Crystal Delights plugs with a stunning crystal or a glass medallion in its base? Maybe it will be one of our popular Tail Plugs or Sparkle Plugs? You just won’t know until you get it!

We also promise it will be a unique glass toy, and in some cases a one-of-a-kind. Most of these toys just didn't meet our specifications, or maybe the color was discontinued or its a closeout product. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions about our Mystery Boxes.

** Please note we will not take special requests on Mystery Box orders **

*** Please note discount coupons will not work with this product ***

We often have pieces that are a result of our creative processes, that can’t be sold. It could be a new piece we were considering putting into production, or it might be something that is slightly out of our acceptable specifications. Sometimes it might be simply a new color we are trying, or one we might have a limited quantity of. Our Mystery Box will almost always surprise and delight you!

Customer Reviews

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Poo Colored!? Ewwwww! Feeling sad…

I purchased this after being super impressed with all of the gorgeous pieces I’ve seen in pat mystery boxes. It’s been a horrible week for me and so have loved Crystal Delights since I purchased my very first piece at a convention many years ago. I was so excited, I quickly removed the wrapper to find… brown. I got a BROWN tigers eye butt plug that looks like you know what (poo). I don’t want it to look like there is poo on my plug, despite the fact that yes it goes in my butt. I could literally cry my eyes out. I don’t even know who I would give it to as a gift. I am so devastatingly disappointed. I didn’t expect a clear boring piece that looks like a piece of poo is in the end. I mean I literally would have loved anything else from the website. Something girly or sparkly… because that’s what the brand is known for. But I got a POOP colored butt plug. It’s the poopy princess plug and I am not that kind of princess.


received a nice custom plug with a beautiful amount of detail definitely worth it to me!

A Favorite to Grab every time!

I have gotten the Mystery Box a few times now. And I never regret grabbing it. From an amazing Twist Dildo to two plus one of which was totally unique from anything on the site it has always been an amazing surprise. There is always excitement when I know one is on the way.

Jessica K.
Suprises are the best

I've received three mystery boxes in the past and I've never been disappointed. One box had a large hello kitty plug in it. The quality of the plug was gorgeous and it was huge!! The second one I got a glass dildo which is now one of my go to toys. It's too much fun. The third box I received a tail plug and was ecstatic. I've wanted one for so long. I cant say enough good things about the toys I've received from Crystal Delights

Fun little surprise

I got one of these as an addon bonus with another purchase. I ended up with a green glass plug which is very high quality and fun.