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LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE while supplies last - There can be many, many reasons why we created something and then we decide not to offer it for sale. We think each glass piece we create is still an amazing work of art, so we decided YOU, our customers, should benefit from our process by offering a special Crystal Delights MYSTERY BOX!

For one low price you get one of our beautiful glass toys, but you won’t know what you get until you receive and open the box. SURPRISE! We promise you will still receive a gorgeous made-by Crystal Delights glass erotic art pleasure product. It might be one of our Crystal Delights plugs with a stunning crystal or a glass medallion in its base? Maybe it will be one of our popular Tail Plugs or Sparkle Plugs? You just won’t know until you get it!

We also promise it will be a unique glass toy, and in some cases a one-of-a-kind. Most of these toys just didn't meet our specifications, or maybe the color was discontinued. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions about our Mystery Boxes.

** Please note we will not take special requests on Mystery Box orders **

*** Please note discount coupons will not work with this product ***

We often have pieces that are a result of our creative processes, that can’t be sold. It could be a new piece we were considering putting into production, or it might be something that is slightly out of our acceptable specifications. Sometimes it might be simply a new color we are trying, or one we might have a limited quantity of. Our Mystery Box will almost always surprise you and delight!

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Our Vision

We care about the Environment

The environment is very important to us and we are aware that everyone’s actions can affect the planet. We try to minimize our carbon footprint each and every step of the way. One of the ways we try to achieve this is through our unique packaging, using hand-made reusable bags for many of our products. We recycle what we can, use recycled and eco-friendly packing and printing too.

Our Charitable Efforts

From the very beginning we made it our mission to support the Sex Positive communities that support us and giving back is a very important part of that effort.

Our altruistic mission has grown beyond just supporting the Sex Positive communities. We also strive to be a green, low-carbon footprint company, and have expanded our charitable efforts to include Cancer and Animal causes. A percentage of profit from the sales of our “Colors against Cancer” colored glass line of products supports cancer charities, and profit from sales of our Real Fur tail products support animal rescue charities.

We believe it’s easier to make a difference if we work together.

Currently we have supported the following organizations as well as a host of other individuals and groups:

SAGE – Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders
The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health
Center for Sex & Culture
Advocates For Informed Choice
St James Infirmary
The Shanti Project
Civil Liberties Defense Center
The National Breast Cancer Coalition
Melanoma Research Foundation
Prostate Cancer Foundation
Xtreme Rescue Inc (animal charity)
Pilots N Paws (animal charity)
The Lexus Project (animal charity)