Black Fox Real Fur Tail Plug

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Indulge in a captivating sense of allure with the Crystal Delights Black Fox Real Fur Tail Anal Plug. Are you ready to embody sophistication with a touch of enchantment? This butt plug, adorned with a luxurious tail, seamlessly blends pleasure and elegance.

Crafted from premium Borosilicate glass that is both high-quality and body-friendly, the cool-to-the-touch plug can be warmed up for a personalized experience. Compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants, its solid yet slender neck and flanged base ensure safety and optimum comfort for anal use.

Our stunning real fur tails come in four exquisite fox varieties. Black Fox, Red Fox, Silver Fox and Arctic Marble. Both our Crystal Delights Real Fur Tails and Bunny Tails have earned prestigious XBiz and AVN Awards, encouraging you to discover firsthand the allure that has captivated many. Unleash your untamed side with a Crystal Delights Real Fur Tail Anal Plug – a symbol of wild sophistication.

PLEASE NOTE: Please be aware that this product incorporates real fur, rendering each tail unique with no identical counterparts. Embrace the individuality of your tail, noting that some may display a visible hide on the bottom, a characteristic inherent to genuine fur. While we meticulously brush out each tail before sending it to its new home, remnants of sawdust or wilderness debris may persist. It can easily be removed through gentle brushing or a simple shake.

Also, due to the nature of real fur, color, size, length, and shape may vary. For this reason, returns are not accepted based on these attributes. Exercise caution as real fur tails are delicate and may break, often proving irreparable. Handle them gently, refraining from pulling or bending, for optimal longevity. Store them out of reach from your pets too.

Choose from three bulb sizes, two stem lengths, and four enchanting tail styles. Can't find your desired style? Reach out to us; we are delighted to explore custom orders that cater to your unique taste.

Detachable Tails: All our pony, real and faux fur tail plugs are detachable using a “screw-in/screw-out system, for ease of cleaning and storage. Please see our “care & use” instructions for details on caring for your new tail plug toy.

Ethical Use Statement: Our tails are sourced from companies specializing in repurposing the "refuse parts" of animals, minimizing waste. Crystal Delights firmly opposes the senseless killing of animals for their fur and anticipates the eventual abolition of the fur trade. Until that day arrives, we advocate for the responsible use of all parts of the animal, allocating a portion of our tail profits annually to animal charities in alignment with our charitable mission.

Exquisite Craftsmanship: Meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans at Crystal Delights, this glass anal plug showcases a flawless design, ensuring both comfort and visual sophistication. Every glass sex toy is inspected before shipping, we do our best to only ship a product that meets our quality standards.

Body-Safe and Sensual: Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, this anal plug is body-safe, easy to clean, and compatible with all lubricants, offering a worry-free and sensual experience.

Temperature Play Delight: Experience the versatility of temperature play, as the glass material retains warmth or coolness, allowing you to tailor sensations to your desire. For temperature play simply using hot/warm or cold water and letting the glass sit in it for a few minutes’ works best. NEVER micro-wave or freeze your plug!

Your Crystal Delights product may be cleaned with soap & water or a commercial toy cleaner. We do not recommend boiling or using a dishwasher, as it may affect stability of any attachments, however a UV toy sanitizer may be used. Likewise, we do not suggest freezing or boiling the toy to avoid bodily injury and possibly compromising the beauty of the toy. We recommend storing separately from other glass or metal toys to avoid stress fractures; padded bags are available from us to help guard against accidental breakage.

Need a bag for your new plug? Check out our Made-by-Us Crystal Delights roll-up storage bag!

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