Red-White-Blue Sparkle Butt Plug with Crystal Base

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Carefully curated and “Brought to you By” Crystal Delights, meet the new Sparkle plug colleciton! Available on in our standard short stem-small bulb plug size, they are shaped from borosilicate tubing just like our dilators. Then we fill them with crystals, add a beautiful cut crystal to the base, and this time with a Red-White-Blue theme.

Classic collection Crystal Delights products are created by us to our design and safety specifications. Each hollow plug is properly annealed then filled with tiny sparkly crystals resulting in a visual explosion of sparkles! Topped off with a matching color crystal sealing the base, this plug will easily entice you into becoming your next gorgeous new toy!

Check out this short little video: RWB SPARKLE PLUG VIDEO (NOTE: only 2 of the color schemes shown in the video are available now, but we will take custom orders... just contact us)

Need a bag for your new plug? Check out our Made-by-Us Crystal Delights roll-up storage bag!

SPECIFICATIONS (are approximate and never exactly the same because products are handcrafted)

Short Stem/Small Bulb Plug
3.4 - Length (in)
1.3 - Bulb Diameter (in)
3+ - Weight (oz)

Our newest member of the Sparkle Plug family. A Limited-Edition Red, White and Blue filled Plug. Another new “Brought to you By” Crystal Delights product currently available in two crystal base colors: Red or White