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Crystal Delights has always believed that all kinds of consensual sexual pleasure are worthy of celebration - and that includes exploring BDSM. So, we’ve created the perfect combination for your sexual (and kinky) pleasure - our glorious Star Delight Paddle.

Measuring around 12.5”, our solid borosilicate glass paddle is ideal not just for impact play but also for temperature play, sensation play, and insertion! The 5” handle is textured with gold fumed dots to make it easier to grip, and with it’s tapered tip, it doubles beautifully as an insertable toy that’s safe for both vaginal and anal play. The paddle itself measures around 7”, and with an overall weight of 12+ ounces, it adds a delicious thud to your spankings (and a shivery coolness when traced over the skin).

But is it safe? Of course it is! We use only annealed borosilicate glass - heated and cooled at the correct temperature and speed to ensure that it will not break, shatter, or crack during use. It’s safe for all bodies, and is non-porous, so it’s easy to clean and perfect for sharing with your partner. And with proper care, your Crystal Delights Star Delight Paddle will give you decades of beautiful pleasure - regardless of what kinds of pleasure you enjoy.

Your Crystal Delights product may be cleaned with soap & water or a commercial toy cleaner. We do not recommend boiling or using a dishwasher, as it may affect stability of any attachments, however a UV toy sanitizer may be used. Likewise, we do not suggest freezing or boiling the toy to avoid bodily injury and possibly compromising the beauty of the toy. For temperature play simply using hot/warm or cold water and letting the glass sit in it for a few minutes works best. We recommend storing separately from other glass or metal toys to avoid stress fractures; padded bags are available from us to help guard against accidental breakage.

This Artisan product comes with one of our Made-by-Us Crystal Delights roll-up storage bags, so you can safely store it. Need a bag for one of your other glass toys? Check out our Made-by-Us Crystal Delights roll-up storage bag!

SPECIFICATIONS (inches & ounces)
* specifications are approximate as our glass is handcrafted
Width: 1.5" (largest point)
Length: 12.5" (end to end)
Weight: 12.3 oz.

Please note: Color images do not accurately reflect the true color as shown on a computer screen. We believe you will find our products are much prettier in person.

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These companies is awesome and they alot of good stuff you should check it out for yourself