Vaginal Dilators for Vaginismus: The Role of Self Evalution by Dr. Peter Pacik

Vaginal dilators are an important part of vaginismus treatment, yet not everyone struggling with vaginismus is able to use dilators. This is because there are varying degrees of severity of vaginismus. The role of self-evaluation is an integral part of vaginismus treatment to help the woman and her partner understand what may be possible in achieving vaginal penetration and includes the use of vaginal dilators. For those who have less severe pain and anxiety with penetration, but intercourse is impossible, vaginal dilators are often the answer. When vaginismus is severe, women are often unable to tolerate any penetration including tampons, fingers, dilators and GYN exam. Self-evaluation is discussed on the Pacik Vaginismus website and the one hour video to help women determine the severity of their vaginismus.The video also covers general information about vaginismus and a broad range of information concerning dilation instructions and dilator regimens to allow progression towards intercourse.

All 6 Sizes of Pacik Dilators

The Pacik glass dilators can be ordered from Crystal Delights.They were designed with the help of Shellie from Crystal Delights and tested on more than one hundred of my treated vaginismus patients. These dilators are also currently used by other physicians treating vaginismus. The important benefit of these glass dilators is that all sizes are made 3 ½ inches long which is the average length of a vagina. In addition, an ergonomic fit makes contact with the vulva more comfortable. Comfortable dilation can be maintained for one to two hours and allows the woman to be mobile during the dilation process.

– Dr. Peter T. Pacik, MD, FACS

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