Not April Fool’s Day!

First, we want to send best wishes to all of our customers and fans all over the world, hoping that you and yours are safe and well! Please listen to the experts (can be so hard to tell anymore who that is), and please don’t be foolish, #STAY@HOME and practice physical distancing. There’re tons of ways to be social in this new world, while still being physically safe. For those of us lucky enough to have access to technology, we should be grateful, there are so many that don’t.

Like all small indie businesses right now, we are challenged to figure out how to survive the pandemic, while we struggle with ways to help. From day one when Crystal Delights began, giving back to the community has always been one of our missions. Those that follow us closely know that Crystal Delights was experiencing challenges before the world went sideways. Still, finding ways to give back is a guiding light for us, especially at times such as now. And, YES, we are still open for business online. Able to ship directly to you in usually within a few days. Unfortunately, we can’t say how long it will take to get to you, but times like these require patience in so many ways.

We think and hope everyone is starting to understand the scope of this virus, especially here in the USA. Opinions are VERY strong on who to blame for our lackluster response and now critical situation. Crystal Delights feels fortunate to reside in the state of Washington, where one of the early outbreaks began. Our state Governor and Mayors, and their administrations took immediate action. If one listens to the news, this has resulted in flattening our positive cases growth in our state right now. Proof that staying home works!

Keeping an eye on the internet and taking note of all the good resources available has been encouraging to us. Again, we worry more about those that don’t have phones or computers to stay connected and informed. Still we felt, like so many other businesses, providing information can’t be bad and focusing on being positive and remembering positive things happen during crisis, we figure it all helps. It’s amazing what is happening all over the web and social media. The creativity and sharing is astounding and we think wonderful.

So, what can we do here at Crystal Delights besides still get orders to you if needed? We’re setting up a page with resource information about the virus and ways to help from home. Since we are after all a company that manufactures extremely beautiful and safe glass sex toys, well we thought some info about sex and the corona virus seemed appropriate too. We are planning some ideas to try and raise funds for this war against this worldwide pandemic. Feel free to contact us if you have any ideas. We welcome any of our industry peers to join us in that effort too.

Be Safe and Well!

Shellie & Andrew
Crystal Delights

PLEASE NOTE: We have set up a Corona Virus Resource Page & a New Contest (someting fun!). Links Below:


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