Mix ‘n Match!

You wanted more detachable options, and we listened. We are so excited to present to you our new “Mix & Match” products! Now you don’t have to choose between which plug and which attachment you want – you can choose any combination you want!


Magnetic Detachable Plug Base


Screw-On Detachable Plug Base

We now have the option to choose any detachable plug, in any size, either magnetic or screw-on, and any accessories you want, and you can purchase them separately. If you want a bunny tail AND a kitty medallion, you can get both without buying two plugs! And if you decide that you’d like some extra accessories, like one of our new magnetic charms, you can get those too, no need for an additional plug. Check out our new 3-Set Accessory Kits, featuring two magnetic bunny tails and a Kitty Medallion. We’ve made it funner and easier than ever to accessorize and grow your collection! (*Please note Unicorn Plugs are one size only)



Magnetic Kitty Charm


Magnetic Crystal Pendant Charm

Choose from three plug options: a screw-on plug in any size, a magnetic plug in any size, or our new short stem, small bulb unicorn plug with either a screw-on or magnetic base. Then you’re free to explore our many accessory options. For a screw-on base plug, you can get any of our 12 pony tails, or our 7 unicorn tails. For a magnetic base plug, choose from any of our 13 magnetic charms, or our four bunny tails. With so many possibilities, how will you decide?!



Heather Purple Detachable Unicorn Tail


Pastel 5-Color Detachable Unicorn Tail

3-Set Accessory Kit Avail Nowv2

3-Set Accessory Kits are now available!

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