Let’s Celebrate Earth Day!


April 22nd is Earth Day, but we’ve decided the celebrate it for the rest of the month! With scientists becoming increasingly concerned about climate change and other man made environmental issues, we think recognizing Earth Day is more important than ever. It’s especially important this year with our country’s new leadership not only showing a great deal of resistance to solving the environmental problems we’re faced with, but also moving forward with plans that would cause direct harm to our environment.



Head over to our Facebook page this month to check out our Earth Day updates. We will be highlighting the Earth Day Network’s campaigns to help educate people about the environment and activate the environmental movement. The Earth Day Network is the group that coordinates Earth Day, and they’re the world’s largest recruiter focused on the environmental movement. They’ve helped make Earth Day the largest civic observance in the world with over 1 billion people worldwide participating in activities related to the event. The first Earth Day was April 22nd, 1970, and it launched the beginning of the modern environmental movement. The Earth Day Network has a huge range of campaigns to help get people involved in environmental activism, from campaigns to help endangered whales and rhinos, to those focused on educating people about our impact on the environment.


We are an environmentally conscience company, and we encourage everyone to take steps to make a positive impact on our environment, whether it’s planting a tree or remembering to always recycle. We hope you join us this the rest of this month in celebrating our planet and learning about all the ways we can get involved to make our earth a better place!

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