A New Year, A New Website and Renewed Hope...

2021 has arrived and already January seems like it was a year ago. So many of us, all over this world will remember 2020 as one of the most challenging and saddest periods in our lifetimes. If the COVID-19 pandemic weren’t enough, and it was, as Americans it will also be remembered for when the United States really showed its true colors.

Truth is Crystal Delights was struggling through its own challenges beginning well before 2020. Rising overhead and material costs, combined with slower sales nearly put us out of business, before 2020 even started. On the brink of closing our doors or filing for bankruptcy, we made difficult decisions and moved in new directions, committed to keeping our dream going.

We didn’t know if they were the right choices but are you ever really sure. We had faith and pushed on with our plan. Now as we enter our eleventh year having the honor of serving you, our unique community, we are starting 2021 with not only a brand-new website but also by introducing new Crystal Delights products. Some under our well established “Made by Us” luxury line, and some under our new “Brought to you By” economical line.

Change is never easy, but it brings us hope we think. One of our founding principles when we started Crystal Delights was to do our best to listen to our customers. That listening has helped us over these years make our products better and helped us support the community that supported us. 2020 has brought a whole new meaning and focus on the idea that the whole world is a neighborhood and a community in of itself. Let’s all have hope for a better neighborhood and a better world. Welcome to our new website and let's all welcome 2021 with great hope and embrace change now and in the years to come.

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