2017 is here! A year we think will be full of challenges, hope and of course sparkles…

2016-2017_med_hrPhew! We have kicked 2016 to the curb and are ready to look at 2017 as a hopeful blank canvas full of opportunity!

It was a challenging year, full of hacked websites, email, spam, fake news and unimaginable world events. But even with all of the frustration and concerns we may have at the end of 2016, we haven’t lost our focus or passion for bringing you the best quality, luxury glass pleasure products we can. After all we love our Crystal Delights customers!

So, 2017 is here, how are we going to face it? What are we going to do? As you all know one of our favorite things in the world is sparkles! Everything is better with sparkles, and that is what Crystal Delights is all about; sparkles and pleasure. For us it might be a new line of sparkly products, a new important charity or social campaign to support, or it could be making sure that we are all doing anything we can to stand with those being oppressed and be ready to defend our personal morals and integrity. All of those things can bring that sparkly feeling of optimism for the future, and at Crystal Delights we are all about sparkles and hope!

As we look at the year ahead of us, or even the next four years, we feel as strong as ever that we all need to stay vigilant and aware. There may be many obstacles ahead but we think there is much joy and hope ahead as well. We do feel it’s extremely important that we not be left speechless, even when the last year has left many of us feeling exactly that way. There may be no more important time then now to be ready to speak up and take action for the things you believe in, support and want to protect.

We as people have the ability to make a difference in this world and our world is depending on us! We must be hopeful about our future world, standing up for those things we know at our core are ethically and socially correct, and simply the right thing to do.

animated-new-year-2017-imageLet’s make the choice together, to pick one thing this year we feel is important and we feel passionate enough to speak up about and protect if needed. If you’re motivated, please comment below and share with us what you will or would do. We love to hear your comments and thoughts, and who knows, we might even make a contest out of this and do what we love best, support good causes and give things away too!



Shellie, Andrew & all of the Crystal Delights Team!

Ps. We encourage you to take a look at our earlier blog post: MOVING FORWARD. We’ve listed some of the organizations that are important to us and a link on how to contact your government representatives to make sure your voice is heard.

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