Crystal Delights Free Gift

Crystal Delights Free Gift

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A Crystal Delights Special Gift just for you.

*** This item is not for sale! ***

Just add this item to your cart, then enter the FREE GIFT Coupon Code you received at check-out, and then the product should show as "FREE" as long as you place an order over the minimum required amount.

Where do our free gift products come from? We often have pieces that are a result of our creative processes, that can’t be sold. It could be a new piece we were considering putting into production, or it might be something that is slightly out of our acceptable specifications. Sometimes it might be simply a new color we are trying, or one we might have a limited quantity of. We do think it will almost always surprise and delight you!

We also promise it will be unique and still a properly hardened, safe glass toy. That’s right, all of our products must meet our safety standards! ALL OF THEM!

Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions at