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Beautifully sculpted Crystal Delights Princess Plugs with genuine Swarovski crystals! Handmade right here in the U.S.A by Us!

Pink Crystal Delight Short-Small Plug

Pink Crystal Delight Butt Plug

This buttplug comes with a perfect Pink crystal in its base.  This color is something we have sought after for years. It's also the perfect Pink gift for that Precious Person in your life, or maybe just for yourself. Unique, handcrafted and...
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Red-White-Blue Sparkle Plug with Clear Crystal Base

Red-White-Blue Sparkle Butt Plug...

Carefully curated and “Brought to you By” Crystal Delights, meet the new Sparkle plug colleciton! Available on in our standard short stem-small bulb plug size, they are shaped from borosilicate tubing just like our dilators. Then we fill them...
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Crystal Delights Funfetti Plug

Funfetti Plug with Aurora...

Your butts being referred to as ‘cakes’, the enjoyment of eating cake. Celebrating with cake. How a cake can make a day better, and make a person feel special. Cake can turn a frown upside-down. When you realize you can have cake whenever you...
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