Pink Colors Against Cancer Plug

Pink Colors Against Cancer Plug

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The Colors Against Cancer (CAC) Short Stem-Small Bulb Pink Plug is adorned with a beautiful Pink 27mm Crystal Element. This princess plug features a tip that eases insertion for unmatched comfort in anal play. Crafted out of properly hardened Borosilicate glass, the plug has a smoothness that cannot be found in toys made of other popular materials. The base is large enough to make sure this erotic art plug stays where it will give the ultimate in sexual pleasure.

Our Colors Against Cancer (CAC) line of pleasure products was created as part of the Crystal Delights mission to give back and pay it forward. A portion of the profits on all of the CAC toys is donated annually to cancer charities. Pink glass recognizes breast cancer and our other colored glass creations support other cancer related charities, such as prostate and melanoma.

SPECIFICATIONS: Available in one size only
Short Stem with a Small Bulb

Short stem, small bulb plug featuring pink glass and a pretty Pink Crystal Element