As Crystal Delights approaches its 10th Anniversary in 2020, it is with concerns for our future. After 10 years of pouring our own personal resources into the growth of Crystal Delights we are nearing the bottom of the well and need to think out of the box to capitalize our plan for the next ten years.

Our story is your basic basement or garage business story, we just started with a butt plug by chance. Truthfully there was not much premeditated about anything we have done over the years, just the simple drive that comes with a passion for what you do. Always trying to create the highest quality and most beautiful glass adult toys took us on an incredible journey and thru a handful of obstacles and hurdles.

If you didn’t know we never were glassmakers. In the beginning we worked with different glassmakers, actually subcontracting the glass butt plugs and dildos we needed. Of course the finished glass products had to meet our specific design requirements and our extremely high standards. We would then add the Crystal Delights touch to the glass product, in the form of a gorgeous Swarovski element or Fluffy tail attached to its base. The tail butt plug wasn’t our creation, but we feel we helped open the market up to the fun and fantasy possible with our products.

Finding glassmakers that could produce our products was not as easy as we hoped it would be. After working with other glassmakers, we finally formed a partnership with a gifted glassmaker in New Hampshire. Two years later we unexpectedly lost him to the legal system when we found out he was a 2nd tier heroin dealer. We didn’t see that one coming!

That event almost put us out of business (that was over 6 years ago), but we pushed on through that crisis, not without the help of others, and we continued with our plan to make Crystal Delights a recognized and respected brand in the sexual wellness and adult toy industries.

That New Hampshire experience lead us to starting our own glass production shop. Over the last five years that has been a primary focus, perhaps looking back now that was a mistake, as we took our eye off our website, the marketplace and the advent of cheap knock offs, lower quality, lower priced glass toys, and the changes in technology and social media. We have now gotten really, really good at making beautiful glass products, but perhaps it came at an expected expense.

We have plenty of stories of our voyage navigating the incredibly competitive adult toy industry over the last ten years and plan to share more of them here on our News Blog. Not all pretty, some just funny, some hard to believe. Still, day to day the ride we are on is never dull, always interesting and constantly changing and challenging.

No, we aren’t ready to toss in the towel, not yet. We just need some Angels, so we are humbling asking for your financial support and in return we will provide a return on your investment in us. We’re asking you to take that leap of faith and fly with us. You can be part of the Crystal Delights journey over the next ten years.

Thank you for reading and considering this opportunity to be part of the Crystal Delights adventure.

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