We wouldn’t suggest for one second that butt plug users are Butt Heads, but being a manufacture of pleasure products, combined with our unique focus on anal, fetish and fantasy play… Well, we can’t help but have some fun exploring what a Butt Head is and sharing our thoughts on the current Butt Head in charge. Yes, we think the President is a Butt Head.

As a USA, small, indie, family business, and of course a pleasure products company too, we think we know a Butt Head when we see a Butt Head. Boy do we think our president Donald J Trump is a Butt Head.

We could go on and on as to why, but if you agree with us you already believe you know the reasons too. If you don’t agree with us, well you have your own beliefs and reasons. We respect that right of a different opinion and we encourage everyone to stand up and fight for you, and all of us, to preserve those rights we have as Americans.

This is a critical and important time to speak up and take action, in order to retain our rights as Americans living in a democracy, built on freedoms envied by much of the world. We don’t think our Butt Head leader is doing anything to support any of these American values. This is why we feel so strongly that the Butt Head is such a Butt Head. He just simply only cares about himself and has no moral compass or integrity for anyone or anything, besides himself. He’s not “Making America Great” again!

Butt, he’s not just any Butt Head. Butt, a Butt Head of massive proportions. A Butt Head that will go down in history and not in a good way. That worries us beyond belief! It’s amazing the damage this Butt Head has already wreaked upon our American democracy and the spirit of the American people, in such a very short span of time.

But, we hold hopefully on to our optimism about that same battered American spirit. History shows us that spirit is strong, especially when challenged. It will be the people of America that show the real power of our democracy, by exercising our First Amendment rights and our right to vote. We can loudly and peacefully protest and voice our outrage and impatience for this Butt Head and his cast of characters. We can with our voices and actions affect change, and we believe we will.

Never has a White House had such a negative, stormy and mystifying effect on the USA. All of the administration’s noses different shades of brown. Not only do those around this Butt Head all have brown noses, but sadly so do many of those representing us in Congress.

Clearly, we have strong feelings about what’s happening to America under this current White House Administration and we feel this is an extremely important time to be strong, be vocal and be active. Don’t be complacent if you don’t like what you see. Actions matter, clearly words don’t. Our fearless Butt Head leader has shown us that.

In closing this rant (or call it what you like), we as a small business care deeply about our customers, and the big wide world too. We do not want to be complacent, so we are taking a risk that some of our customers will be unhappy about us being vocal regarding our opinions. We apologize if we have offended anyone, that is certainly not our intent.

It is good to agree, and it is good to disagree, as long as we can do it without a wall of anger the world can become a better place. We don’t support any walls or this President. After all, we think he’s a Butt Head.

Ways we think you can take action now …

  • Support and/or get involved in Organizations (our short list is below*) that are pro civil liberties, women’s rights and minority rights organizations, especially those that will oppose the Trump agenda.
  • Get to know your Congress men and women. They work for us and our voices can be heard and will apply pressure. Vote, and vote against the nomination of appointees who support the Trump agenda.
  • Run for office or nominate someone you think would represent your views well. Support people running for office that represent your views. Speak out, take action and don’t be complacent.

Just a few organizations we encourage supporting …
(we will try and update this list periodically)

The Indivisible Project

American Civil Liberties Union

Border Angels

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

Planned Parenthood

HRC – Human Rights Campaign (LGBTQ equality & rights)

NextGen America – climate change

Everytown for Gun Safety

Change.org – The world’s platform for change

MoveOn.org – Democracy in Action


Can you tell us why he is or isn’t a Butt Head? Pretty sure you have an opinion if you care to share …

We welcome your comments, whether you agree or disagree with us.

We only ask you be respectful and try and be kind …