This past weekend Crystal Delights took to the road to attend Exxxotica in New Jersey. We were very excited, this was our first large consumer show and we were ready! We had a new display setup and our always-popular dish of Hershey Kisses. The show was scheduled to open at 4pm and about an hour prior there was a line forming at the door, Friday night is ladies free night and it promised to be busy and it was! One of the first comments from an attendee that stopped by the booth was “Oh this looks like an adult Swarovski Store” Have I told you how much I love our customers?? Unfortunately our booth neighbor’s didn’t make the weekend so much fun, they were a local strip club that was beyond rude! I think the winner of the night’s competition was whoever had the loudest sound system. But what it taught us was that where we do best is where we can connect to our customers, allowing them to pick up and feel the product, see it sparkle in their hands, be where they can both hear us and be able to talk back… we have awesome customers!

But the highlight of the weekend was my opportunity to meet Chyna who was appearing at the show. In advance I had dug out my 10 year old Playboy Magazine where she was the cover model and I was soooo hoping I could get her to sign it for me. Erik and Inga VanRiper had stopped by to visit us at the show and Inga offered to show me where she was and stand in line with me, so off we went. Chyna was so gracious, we watched her meet with the others ahead of us and she was so patient allowing each person to have enough time with her to really feel special! Then it was my turn! She signed my Playboy, told me how close to her heart it was to her and I gave her a pink frosted Colors Against Cancer plug! YES!! Chyna has one of our plugs!! It was the absolute best part of my weekend, Thank you Chyna!

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