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Kink Academy Launches “Support a Sex Educator Program”

As part of their ongoing mission to treat sexuality educators as the knowledgeable professionals they are, Kink Academy is launching the Support a Sex Educator Program. This program will work to raise funds for a variety of projects related to and initiated by sexuality educators.

The Travel Grant
Currently, their first project to start raising funds for is the Support a Sex Educator Travel Grant, which will help educators get to far-off events so that they can network and broaden the scope of their work.

It’s a sad fact that a lot of sexuality educators don’t get the monetary recognition they deserve for the workshops, classes and lectures. Kink Academy hopes to raise the bar for these hardworking professionals!

How You Can Help
There are several ways you can contribute to the Support a Sex Educator program.

Kink Academy actively hosts live events, all of which will feature a fundraising aspect to benefit this cause. They can always use helping hands. If you see that they’re hosting an event in your area, and would like to help, contact Savannah at

Show Your Support:
Kink Academy is offering purple Support a Sex Educator bracelets, and 100% of the proceeds of bracelet sales go into the Support a Sex Educator program. Even for a contribution of $1, you will receive a bracelet and be able to literally wear your support on your sleeve. Bracelets are available at Kink Academy Live events, or can be purchased with any Crystal Delights order. 100% of all proceeds from bracelet purchases on the Crystal Delights site are donated to the “Support a Sex Educator Program.”

To donate via Paypal, please visit the Kink Academy info site.

Purchase a bracelet here:
Purple Support a Sex Educator bracelets

100% of contributions to the Support a Sex Educator program will be directly applied to the Support a Sex Educator Travel Grant. That means %100 of your contribution will directly enable a sex educator to reach a broader audience by teaching at classes, workshops and conventions in areas outside their local region.

More Info:
Visit the Kink Academy Info page for more details about the program and Travel Grant.

Kink Academy "Be Accepted!"

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