Last Sunday, the 6th of November, the day of his birth exactly 66 years before, David Cross died after a long struggle with colon cancer. The last 10 months of his life were hell, every single day he embraced the world with a smile on his face thankful for just one more day. Just the week before I spoke with him on the phone, asked how he was feeling to which he told me “pretty good I guess”, I told him I loved him and after just a couple minutes we hung up. David Cross was my uncle, my mothers baby brother, he was also an amazing artist, a kind and positive soul and the very best friend that anyone could have! I will miss him greatly! In his honor we have decided to introduce a new Colors Against Cancer product line, the color will be cobalt, which is the color that represents colon cancer. I will be looking for a colon cancer charity that will represent the courage and drive that was and will always be David Cross. If anyone has any ideas of a charity they think meets those standards and is willing to accept funds given from an adult related company, please pop me a quick email to the email address on the Crystal Delights website. And finally, regular checkups! Lets do whatever we can to conquer cancer!


This past weekend Crystal Delights took to the road to attend Exxxotica in New Jersey. We were very excited, this was our first large consumer show and we were ready! We had a new display setup and our always-popular dish of Hershey Kisses. The show was scheduled to open at 4pm and about an hour prior there was a line forming at the door, Friday night is ladies free night and it promised to be busy and it was! One of the first comments from an attendee that stopped by the booth was “Oh this looks like an adult Swarovski Store” Have I told you how much I love our customers?? Unfortunately our booth neighbor’s didn’t make the weekend so much fun, they were a local strip club that was beyond rude! I think the winner of the night’s competition was whoever had the loudest sound system. But what it taught us was that where we do best is where we can connect to our customers, allowing them to pick up and feel the product, see it sparkle in their hands, be where they can both hear us and be able to talk back… we have awesome customers!

But the highlight of the weekend was my opportunity to meet Chyna who was appearing at the show. In advance I had dug out my 10 year old Playboy Magazine where she was the cover model and I was soooo hoping I could get her to sign it for me. Erik and Inga VanRiper had stopped by to visit us at the show and Inga offered to show me where she was and stand in line with me, so off we went. Chyna was so gracious, we watched her meet with the others ahead of us and she was so patient allowing each person to have enough time with her to really feel special! Then it was my turn! She signed my Playboy, told me how close to her heart it was to her and I gave her a pink frosted Colors Against Cancer plug! YES!! Chyna has one of our plugs!! It was the absolute best part of my weekend, Thank you Chyna!


This past weekend was my birthday weekend (Sunday was my birthday) and I happily spent it with the wonderful people of Kink Academy! They were doing two different open houses in our local area showcasing the sexual education work that they do so well. If you have not yet visited the Kink Academy website I suggest you do so PRONTO! They also have a sister site PassionateU for the softer side of sex ed. With over 500 sex-ed videos and nearly 100 sexuality educators, Kink Academy is a massive resource for sexual information that only keeps growing in value. The Kink Academy Team works with sex educators from around the world to present the most diverse and experienced voices possible for your ongoing sexual education. And what a value! For the price of a coffee and a donut you have an entire month of learning available to you and who out there couldn’t use a sexual tip or two?
CrystalDelights is also helping to promote their Support a Sex Educator program under Crystal Causes. You can find more info about that here. Academy Support a Sex Educator


*Phew* It has been busy! Launching a new website, working on new products AND next is an AFFILIATE program! We are very excited to launch our new affiliate program, we are going to start with a 25% commission for the first tier then a 5% second tier commission. We have lots of exciting plans in the works including upping the commission paid depending on the number of orders placed. We also want to start a customer loyalty program, what would you like to see offered? A birthday gift card/discount, a points purchase system that gives you specials or maybe even limited edition special products? The possibilities are endless! I cant wait to hear your creative ideas, post them below! Oh and if you are interested in the affiliate program, you can sign up here: Crystal Delights Affiliate Signup Form.  We are just getting started and will be adding banners and other support info as well. Grow with us!!

Sep 282011

Earlier this summer I was invited to participate in a most amazing experience! This week I have spent 3 days scrubbing in and attending the counseling sessions for 3 young women who suffer from a condition called Vaginismus.

When a woman has never at any time been able to have pain-free intercourse due to muscle spasm, her condition is known as primary vaginismus. Some women with primary vaginismus are unable to wear tampons and/or complete pelvic exams. Many couples are unable to consummate their relationship due to primary vaginismus. Vaginismus can also develop later in life, even after many years of pleasurable intercourse. This type of condition, known as secondary vaginismus, is usually precipitated by a medical condition, traumatic event, childbirth, surgery, or life-change like menopause. (

I was invited to meet these three couples and “scrub in” for their surgeries. After putting on my scrubs, my booties and my hair net it was into the surgery center for case number 1. I made it not quite 10 minutes and all of the sudden it was pretty hot and I was feeling queasy! What?? I didn’t think I would have any problem at all but I had to leave the room for a few minutes. One of the other assistants asked if I had eaten? Of course not, I didn’t want to have any chance of being queasy (shows what I know!) After a few crackers and some Ginger Ale I was ready to try again and was successful for the next two surgeries, phew!

The reasoning for my attending these cases was to give me the first hand experience and user input to design a set of glass dilators for Vaginismus. But while that did happen, and we have some great ideas, what else happened was to me something that opened my eyes and touched my heart!

All three of these young couples had never had penetrative intercourse. They have all been to many other doctors and received different treatments and sometimes even surgery without a hope of a solution until they found Dr. Peter Pacik who specializes in Vaginismus treatment by using intravaginal injections of Botox together with progressive dilation under anesthesia.

Dr Peter and his staff are AMAZING! I watched him address the very obvious fears of one of his patients who would have just as soon gotten back on the airplane and flown half way around the world back home that very minute than move ahead with the procedure. He calmed her, reassured her and treated her. When I returned for the counseling session the next day, it was a very different young woman in front of me, she was calm, approachable and looking forward to the next steps of her treatment. When I ended my three days with this group of women today I could see the excitement in their faces that there was every possibility that he had solved their problem and they could now look forward to leading normal lives with their partners.

I have come home with ideas for products to help them with both dilation and therapy but more importantly with a great deal of respect for this doctor and his staff. They have found a way to give these women back control, sometimes for the first time, over their own bodies and allow them to have complete sexual relationships that they had all but given up on.

Just a little Disclaimer: I am not any sort of medical professional so anything said here is just my own words and observations after spending three days with the Dr., his staff and these three couples. I would also like to thank them for allowing me to participate in their procedures, it means more to me than they will know and truly opened my eyes to a problem I had never heard of and absolutely needs more attention focused on it. Dr. Peter Pacik is located in Manchester New Hampshire and has written a book called When Sex Seems Impossible Stories of Vaginismus & How You Can Achieve Intimacy

If you have questions or would like to buy Dr. Peter Paciks book please contact me at Soon it will be for sale on crystaldelights



We have just returned home from several days in Las Vegas at the International Lingerie Show where the Crystal Delights products were represented by Entrenue, my absolutely favorite boutique distributor! Entrenue puts out an amazing catalog each year and I said when we started crystal delights that I would know they had “arrived” when they could be included in that catalog! Well… in just a few weeks that will be a reality and I am sooo excited. Our trip to Las Vegas started out with a direct flight! (always a win) Our room was amazing with two walls of windows overlooking the strip, it was a shame to pull the curtains so we didnt! The show was fun and it is always great to catch up with friends! Lots of people looked at the beautifully displayed Crystal Delights products and I even found some really cool sparkly nail stickers for me! We are now back home and looking forward to the next adventure!

Sep 132011

It has been a really busy few weeks, we are launching an updated website, we spent 3 days vending at FetFest (a whole different story! *LOL*) and then this past weekend vending at KinkyCon in Portsmouth NH. Next week we are off to the International Lingerie Show in Vegas! woohoo I cant wait! Three days outside in Maryland at Fetfest was interesting to say the least! It was my first experience at a Fetish event and I certainly met people unlike any I had met before! On Sunday morning as we were setting up we had a visitor to the table,it was the highlight of my weekend, isnt he beautiful?

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